Exercise can be both cosmetic and bodybuilding

Exercise can be both cosmetic and bodybuilding

Today’s sports are not simply running, playing, but shaping the seductive style of women from the inside out.

  Exercise can shape you with health, beauty and self-confidence. Moderate exercise can increase blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve sleep, promote digestion, and improve skin condition. Different sports have different effects on different skin problems.

  Jianbu “Jianbu” is known as “the best medicine for human beings”. This energetic sprint is ideal even for women who are slightly fatter because it does not increase the burden on the joints. It can also consume a small amount for a long time and prevent bones.loose.

Power walking can increase bone density by 50%. Please start from 20 minutes and gradually increase the intensity of exercise. If you jog for one minute, you can consume 10 kilocalories.

  When swimming, the joints of the limbs do not bear gravity, and it is the movement of the muscles of the limbs. It can effectively reduce the excess of the body instead of increasing the contraction force of the muscles. At the same time, the water flows against the skin of the whole body during the swimming and the tapping, the water is specific to the skin.The special “massage” effect can effectively avoid and slow down the sagging and aging of the skin, and the skin will become smooth, smooth and elastic, with a “smooth beauty”.

  Aerobics is the most coordinated exercise of muscles and joints. It can effectively increase the coordination of the body, promote slight burning, enhance the body’s ability to bounce, and cultivate a positive and optimistic spirit.

  The strength of badminton is moderate and easy to grasp. In sports, eyes, limbs, and especially certain movement frequencies are very high, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis and lumbar muscle strain, which can effectively remove dark circles and wrinkles.

  Yoga is the best detoxification in all sports.

Since the skin is completely relaxed at this time, the cell growth and self-repairing efficiency are the highest, which is more conducive to the discharge of body toxins, and is most beneficial for the elimination of spots and acne.

  Sit-ups can cause the abdominal muscles, the back muscles, and the internal organs to move together, thereby promoting metabolism. For several weeks in a row, dark circles and facial edema can be alleviated.

  Of course, women’s sports must never set the plan too high, and exercise is to make them feel comfortable.

To ensure the amount of water, it is best to have 3 liters of water per day, juice or tea to prevent dry skin after exercise.

After the exercise, clean the face, apply skin cream and nutrient cream.

Bathe after exercise, you can wash away the body’s sweat, dirt, relieve muscle fatigue, and make the skin smoother.

To replenish nutrition in a timely manner, you must not diet after exercise to lose weight, you should add enough water, vitamins and protein.