This kind of flower can crawl like a green radish. Fruit and root can eat, qi and blood.

This kind of flower can crawl like a green radish. “Fruit and root” can eat, qi and blood.

Now people’s living standards have improved, leisure time to maintain potted green plants, tea health as the mainstream, flower pot conservation can be pleasant, some organic fruits and vegetables are great for the body, it will give birth to potted plants that preserve the ornamental value and edible value.

There is a potted plant similar to green radish, which is easy to maintain and can be eaten and eaten.

This plant is a yam.

This kind of flower can crawl like a green radish. “Fruit and root” can be eaten. The qi and blood culture spirits have all bought yam cooked food, but most of them have never seen yam plants. The yam plants are similar to green radish, and the roots canLong yam sticks, can also produce yam beans on the plant vine.

One of the plants is cured on the balcony, which can be seen and eaten. It is said that the yam food supplement can supplement the blood and nourish the blood.

Yam conservation is simple, a yam plant can produce a lot of yam beans, more than two pots, the whole family have to eat.

Yam can be hydroponically cultivated, but the hydroponic method is more complicated, and a lot of nutrient solution is needed. Therefore, most of the soil cultured yam.

Yam plants are generally grown from yam tubers, fertile and loose, and sandy soil with good drainage is most suitable for yam growth.

Daily maintenance is also very simple. In the growing season, you can make potted plants, and the yam beans that are produced can be cooked or used as medicine.

If it is a balcony potted yam, choose a deep basin.

Because the roots of yam are mature when they are mature, the shallow pot is not conducive to their growth.

In addition, the yam is a vine plant that climbs directly on the balcony railing. If you are worried about the result, you can pick it up by yourself. You can also use your own simple shelf. You can also shape it at will. It is also convenient to pick up the yam beans.

The yam plant is light, and the direct sunlight does not burn the leaves. It can be used for photosynthesis and full illumination, and the branches and leaves of the yam plants grow rapidly, and the flowering results increase.

There is not much attention to watering and maintenance. Generally speaking, see the principle of wetness and watering.

The high yield of yam that you want to maintain, the supplement of fertilizer is very important.

When the potting soil is prepared, more base fertilizer can be added. In the growing season, no special fertilization is required, and 2 to 3 times of fertilizer is added to the flowering and peas. When the flowering stage is added with phosphate fertilizer, the amount of flowering can be increased to ensure the result.

When the result of the flower falls, the fertilizer is applied once every other week, and the topdressing can be done three times.

It can be harvested when the yam bean grows to the size of the coin.

The nutrient element of yam bean has the effect of nourishing blood and qi. It is not easy to feel tired and often good in eating yam beans.

Unlike other traditional Chinese medicines, yam is a good food as long as it is simple to cook.

If you also like to eat yam, you may wish to plant a strain on your own balcony, carefully maintain, and harvest the full yam beans in the autumn harvest season. It is a beautiful thing. If you find it useful, please like it and pay attention to it. We will do it every day.Update all kinds of little knowledge and tips about flower pot conservation, and hope to help everyone.