Autumn and winter make me kidney temper

Autumn and winter make me “kidney” temper

The kidney is the birthplace of a woman’s beauty and health. When you use your makeup, face your still yellow and dull face, the puffy eyes after getting up early, the hair that is falling off. You must pay attention to destroying your beauty.Kidney deficiency!
  中医里的女性肾虚  中医认为:“肾为先天之本”“肾藏精,主生长,发育,生殖”,“肾主骨,生髓,通脑”,“肾主纳气,肾主水液”The kidney is open to the ear”, “the kidney is two stools”, “the waist is the house of the kidney” and so on.
In short, the health of the kidneys indicates the growth of the human body, the development, and the vitality of the reproductive system.
If the kidney is empty, there will be a series of aging phenomena.
  Tip: kidney deficiency can occur in all stages of a woman’s life. Kidney deficiency can be delayed in early childhood; puberty can cause early menarche delay, menstrual scarcity; adulthood infertility, sexual apathy, early menopause; menopause prone to osteoporosisHeart disease changes.
  肾虚,让女人不再美丽  肾虚让我的眼睛不再明快  26岁的张小姐最近早上起来照镜子时发现自己的眼睛成了鱼泡眼,原先漂亮的双眼皮也渐渐变形,并且出现了可怕的Eye bags and dark circles, often feel pain in the eyes, and squinting, seeing things no longer have a bright feeling.
  Analysis: kidney main water, kidney deficiency leads to poor water metabolism and transportation, blood circulation is blocked, so there are eye edema, dark circles, and women who have been eating spicy food for a long time, can cause kidney loss, leading to vertigo, eye pain.
  让各种女性生理问题提前报到  李女士已经30岁了,她经常头晕、耳鸣、夜晚潮热、盗汗、腰酸腿软、手足心热,而这些都是在40多岁左右才出现的更年期症状,Colleagues also told Ms. that menstruation has also become abnormal, scarce, dim, and sometimes it is normal to eat herbal medicine.
  Analysis: After a doctor’s inquiry, Ms. Li said that she had removed her uterus from a uterine fibroid three years ago.
These symptoms are caused by kidney yin deficiency after the hysterectomy. If you start to take Chinese medicine to adjust the kidney after surgery, there will be no obvious symptoms.
Ms. Xiang suffered from kidney yin due to long-term fatigue.
The kidneys are fine, the blood is homologous, and the menstruation is based on blood, so when the female kidney is yin deficiency, the amount of menstruation is small.
  The dry syndrome is “virtual” and the mother is just over 45 years old. She recently felt strange because she often feels dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, and wants to drink water, but drinking water can not quench her thirst.
  Analysis: After diagnosis by a doctor in TCM, she may be a dry syndrome. When she put out her tongue, she only sees the tongue as bright as a mirror, and there is no tongue coating. There are many cracks in the middle of the tongue. After a period of time.Nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, she not only eliminated the symptoms, but also restored her tongue.
  肾虚影响了我的家庭幸福  27岁的张小姐怀孕3次都做了人流,当夫妻二人最终想要一个活泼可爱的宝宝时,却总不能如愿,张小姐的性欲也变得低下,手脚经常Cold.
For this reason, family life has become unmanageable.
  Analysis: “Kidney Tibetan essence” means that the female reproductive system is gradually matured under the care of the essence.
Two consecutive episodes of abortion and kidney yang, resulting in kidney qi, low ovarian function, long-term mental stress, also damage the kidney yin, making sexual desire low.
  Scientific kidney, let women return to health Narrator of Liuwei Dihuang Pill: This side not only tonifies the kidney and strengthens the spleen, but also has the effect of calming the liver.
Fangzhong drug three supplements and three diarrhea, such as rehmannia, hawthorn meat, yam, kidney and spleen for the three supplements; sputum, Alisma, Dan Pili water seepage, Pinggan fire for the three diarrhea, is a supplement but not greasy,A very good recipe for reconciling and diarrhea.
  If the kidney yin deficiency appears: dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, plus Zhimu, Huangbai is called Zhibai Dihuang Wan.
  If there is kidney yin deficiency that is dry at night and thirsty for drinking, add: Ophiopogon japonicus and Schisandra chinensis.
  If there is dizziness, the phenomenon of dimness is added to the scorpion and chrysanthemum, also known as 杞菊地黄丸.
  Experts advise: Liuwei Dihuang Pill is a big remedy for women who love their own. The above prescriptions are common prescriptions for treating kidney yin deficiency.
It’s just that the symptoms are different when they are different.
Many women regard Liuwei Dihuang Pill as a life-saving and life-saving medicine for young people, and even buy it in a box. Chinese medicine is very knowledgeable. It is the key to kidney yin deficiency or kidney yang deficiency, so take it under the guidance of a doctor.
  Food supplement, the same can be – recommended several kidney food yam – sex, sweet, for the Chinese medicine “top grade” medicine, in addition to the role of lung, spleen, but also kidney and fill.
Anyone with kidney deficiency should eat it regularly.
  Scallops – also known as Jiang Yuzhu.
Sexually flat, sweet and salty, can nourish the kidney and yin, so the kidney yin deficiency should be eaten regularly, squid: also known as flower buds, scorpion fish.
Sexually flat, sweet, can not only tonify the spleen and stomach, but also liver and kidney, benefit bones and bones.
  Chestnuts – warm, sweet, in addition to the role of spleen and stomach, but also the power of kidney and waist, the kidney is low back pain, the most suitable.
  Scorpion – sex, sweet, with kidney and liver, Yijing eyesight, strong bones and muscles, in addition to low back pain, long service can benefit longevity and other functions.
Especially for middle-aged women with kidney deficiency, the best food.
  Polygonum multiflorum – has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney, benefiting the essence of blood, and all the doctors used in the past are used in the kidney.
Anyone with kidney deficiency has early white hair, or weak waist and knees, sore muscles, or male nocturnal emission, and women who bring it to the food.
  Avoid eating or eating less – 荸荠, persimmon, raw radish, lettuce, raw cucumber, raw sweet potato, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint, leeks, chrysanthemum, salt, sauce, liquorAnd cigarettes, etc.