January 6th street basketball mobile game star game black team VS Wu You live address _1

January 6th Street Basketball Mobile Games Stars Against Black Team VS Wu You Live Address
At 8pm on January 6th, the “Street Basketball” mobile game celebrity match is about to start. In this match, black Chen Jianzhou and Wu You lead the team to PK!Who is the all-round true ball king who can carry the entire game online and offline?We will wait and see!  Against both sides: Black team VS Wu You team    Live time: January 6th 20:00    Live address: Click to enter      Let’s take a look at the guest lineup of this mobile game match now!  [Two Kings Battle, Black Chen Jianzhou VS Wu You]Mentioned black Chen Jianzhou, he not only likes the new era of good men who wield his wife and son on Weibo!He was 190, he participated in the Asian Youth Championships at the age of 16, and became a professional basketball player at the age of 21. During this period, he won the honors of scoring, rebounding, and MVP in the first division on the basketball court. It is not just a variety show, but the black Chen Jianzhou is still used.The true basketball god!    The other one who led the team to play was Wu You!Wu Youren is known as the king of Chinese streetball. He is 174 in height, fast, stable in ball control, and good in bounce. His unique characteristics are Wu You. He started playing basketball at the age of 9, he was exposed to street basketball at the age of 16, and he established a streetball team at the age of 18.After completing the first dunk, he started to create a national streetball tournament at the age of 23, and founded the “Chinese Streetball Tournament” in 2013. Through years of perseverance, he hopes to bring a steady stream of positive energy to everyone in basketball and promote the streets of China.There is a great contribution in basketball culture.This time, in addition to seeing the unprecedented game battle between the two great gods on the show, everyone also has the opportunity to witness the wonderful battle of the two great gods fighting 1-1!Who is superior?Please look forward to it. Previous123Next