2017 Snooker Masters Ding Junhui played poorly 1-6 was swept _1

2017 Snooker Masters Ding Junhui played poorly 1-6 was swept
In the final quarter-final of the 2017 Snooker Masters, Ding Junhui played against Joe Perry. He played poorly and only scored 54 points, and was eventually swept to the semifinals 1-6.Perry blasted two shots of 50+ and one shot broke 100, reaching the semifinals against Hawkins.Further reading: 2017 Snooker Masters quarter-finals Ding Junhui vs Perry game video recording After winning the Masters Championship in 2011, Ding Junhui has been out of the first round of this game for five consecutive years since 2012 and has not won untilIn the first round of this year, 6-3 defeated Karen Wilson, who entered the Masters for the first time, and won the first victory of the last six Masters.Perry’s first 6-1 victory over Bingham, who had just become his father again, took the opportunity to challenge Ding Junhui in the quarter-finals.The Air Force Ding Junhui and Perry played many times to win more and less, but the last two encounters were all defeated. One of them was the first round of the 2015 Masters. At that time, Ding Junhui lost to Perry 3-6.Two years later, he played in the Masters again.  In the first game, Perry returned to the ball to leave an offensive opportunity. Ding Junhui’s long bench attack scored the red ball and started to play. After scoring 24 points, he made a mistake and moved to the defense.After Ding Junhui’s defensive mistakes, Perry scored 37 points and failed to hit the top of the ball, Ding Junhui then started to score one red and one black.Through budget defense, Perry narrowed Ding Junhui’s consecutive mistakes and grabbed the lead with 72-32.In the second game Ding Junhui got through a bullet balloon and scored 31 points in a row to stop the attack.Perry made snooker after getting 43 points, Ding Junhui missed the ball twice and sent 8 points.Perry gained the upper hand in the defensive campaign, and got a chance to score 55 with a single shot, winning 107-31 before going to the next city.  In the third inning, Perry started the attack through a long platform. After 21 points, the offense was suspended. After two fouls, Ding Junhui chose to attack the red ball from the far table and missed the opportunity. Perry scored the red ball but pushed the ball into the bag.The power was too small and stopped at the mouth of the bag. Fortunately, there was no opportunity to miss the offense. After a few rounds of entanglement, Perry once again took the initiative through the far-offensive attack. Doing snooker many times made the opponent make mistakes. Ding Junhui missed the opportunity and missed the opportunity.Catch and hit a single shot 42 points, the score expanded to 3-0.In the fourth inning, Perry missed the offense on the bench. Ding Junhui scored 6 points on the offense and missed the red bag.Perry scored 26 points and turned into defense. Ding Junhui was lucky enough to score a pearl. As a result, he hit the yellow ball into the top bag when hitting the middle bag of the basketball. Perry scored a red ball near the mouth of the bottom to get a 66-7 lead.After two defensive battles, Perry scored another red ball to complete the super score, winning 67-7 and leading 4-0 into the break.  In the fifth inning, Ding Junhui attacked the far-end red ball bottom bag and succeeded in using the green ball as a snooker. Perry solved the ball and missed the bottom bag offensive opportunity. Ding Junhui got a 30-pointer after the thin red ball was in the bag. Perry started to clear the red ball 63-31 completed the super score, Ding Junhui tried to do snooker, Perry cleared the ball to a 5-0 lead to get the match point.  In the sixth inning, Ding Junhui pulled a single shot with 54 points to save a match point.In the seventh inning, Perry missed the ball from a far-offensive attack. Ding Junhui replaced the red ball that was not difficult to score. After Perry scored the red ball, the black ball missed the opportunity to attack the red ball. Ding Junhui made another red ball attack.Li started with a single shot to clear the table with 127 points, and won 128-0 with a total score of 6-1, defeating Ding Junhui to break into the semifinals.