White-collar office exercises detailed small exercise harvest big health

White-collar office exercises detailed small exercise harvest big health

Get out of the back pain of overtime and sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor and placed directly below it.

Place your right hand on the outside of the left leg and the left hand in the back axial direction.

Maintain a straight sitting position while turning.

You can use your arms to enhance the power of stretching.

Narrow to a suitable location.

Keep 10?
15 seconds.

Then repeat the same action on the other side.

Number of times: 4 times around each other to avoid white-collar cervical spondylosis, step on it, step on and relax.

Tilt to the right to bring the right ear close to the right shoulder and keep the shoulder level.

Place your right hand over the left ear and gently press it down.

Try to tilt your left hand down so that it is beyond the right.

You can feel the power to prevent fractures.

To increase the power of stretching, you need to keep this motion and turn your head to the right to make your eyes look under your arms.

Repeat the action on the other side.

Duration: Keep 10?
If you don’t sit up for 30 seconds, you can sit on the front of the chair with a thin stomach and align it on the upper side of the foot.

Fracture the spine and contract the abdomen.

Pull the tip of the skull toward the pelvis.

Bend the spine during contraction to make it look like the letter C.

Hold for 30 seconds, then breathe and relax.

Number of times: 4 times per hour to erase the excess meat of the thigh. When sitting down, the muscles of the thighs will be very tight, which will affect the lower part of the spine and cause sciatica. This exercise can step on the thigh muscles and stimulate the nervous system at this time.Overall relaxed.

Sitting in the front of the chair, shrinking behind.

Bow down, bend your body, bow your spine and sink your shoulders.

One leg bends forward and holds the leg behind the contraction.

Keep your legs down while the legs are straight and tilted forward.

You may feel a tingling sensation in the back, which is normal and is caused by stimulating the nerve endings of the shoulder.

Duration: Keep 30 seconds.

Try it, and then go up to 1 cup to read the file, or use the computer, the shoulder will rise to the inside.

The initial exercise will help you alleviate this problem and help to follow up.

You just sit forward in the chair a little.

Holding your hands behind the body and moving the shoulder blades back, you can slowly grow your bust.

Duration: Keep 10?
30 seconds